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HostRelax™ internal network architecture is comprised of best of breed data networking equipment. In order to remain a Best in Class provider, we have integrated and engineered top performing routing and switching equipment to make a superior service-providing network.


At HostRelax™ core layer, Juniper M series routers are used to manage the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), while maintaining network peering. The BGP protocol consistently maintains multiple connections to various Internet providers, securely routing around any loss of service to specific providers. Juniper Network’s outstanding M-series routers are built to highly reliable and scalable services across high-speed networks while never compromising the integrity of the data.

Network Core

Interlaced through high speed Gigabit Ethernet Fiber, the distribution and customer layer is serviced through state of the art Cisco Catalyst switching equipment. With Cisco’s application specific integrated circuit technology, data packets are switched through our infrastructure at wire speed.

Network Management

Managed by HostRelax™ Data Center technicians, 24x7x365 days a year, our Network Management Systems ensure a constant level of service and reliability of network services to our customers. Monitoring the operational status of the network, even the slightest inconsistency of network reliability is brought to a technician’s attention and dealt with immediately.

Routing Optimization

While maintaining a rock solid network, HostRelax™ strives for greater excellence. Where as most providers use the default routing mechanisms of the Internet to deliver best effort routing over one carrier, HostRelax™ gets the most potential out of multiple carriers. Utilizing advanced technology, we actively send probes out to end-users across the entire Internet to measure latency and packet loss to customers through specific internet providers. Gathering immediate statistics on the performance of the Internet, our routers will make up to several hundred route changes per minute to utilize the best path to reach the end destination; you the customer! This results in significantly increased network times for customer’s applications.

With a superior engineered network, precise monitoring systems, and intelligent Internet routing control; you can be assured the HostRelax™ network is one of the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

Network Providers

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level3 genuity

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