Email Forwarding

What is Email Forwarding?

If you are currently using an e-mail address like to communicate with your friends and/or customers, you are conveying a wrong signal to them. Such an e-mail address besides being hard to remember, is not personalised enough to suit your needs. HostRelax™ has just the solution for you. Simply buy a Mail Forwarding Service for your existing domain name or first register a domain name and then continue buying email forwarding for this domain name. This will allow you to give out an email addresses of the type and have all these mails conveniently forwarded to any other mail address.

How many Forwards can I create after I have purchased Email Forwarding?

Unlimited. We do not meter the number of forwards you create once you have purchased an email forwarding package from us. However, we may take steps to ensure that the number is not UNREASONABLY high 🙂

Unlimited Mail Forwards with multiple destinations

You can add as many mail forwards, each forwarding to multiple destinations.

Do you offer Wild Carded Forwarding?

Yes. You can setup ONE Wild Carded Forward, such that any email that does not apply to any of the other forwards [that you have created] will get processed based on the Wild Carded Forward Rule.

You can set all mails coming to a domain name to be forwarded to the same user at another domain (eg will be forwarded to You can even choose to bounce all mail coming to except for those mail forwards which have been explicitly created.

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