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A Domain Name is a textual version of an IP address, the number that points to a particular web site. Each domain on the internet consists of numbers, but it would be very confusing if you had to remember such long combination of numbers. For example, the number is the IP address for

Without domain names each and every Web site would have to be recalled by a number like this, similar to the telephone system, but much more difficult to remember! For this reason domain names were introduced, and have made navigation on the net much simpler!

Benefit Of Getting Domain From HostRelax™

domainnamelockHostRelax™ Offers Unparalleled Domain Name Security For Your Domain Name”HostRelax™ offers unparalleled Domain Name Security for your Domain Name. For the tiniest change of information to your Domain Name, we will NOTIFY you. You can then decide whether the change was authorized or not. We also offer you the facility to LOCK your Domain Name. Once locked, no-one can make ANY changes to it, without you unlocking it.

1. You can login through our Client Login Section and with the Client Interface we provide you, you can order new domains, renew your existing domains, transfer domains registered with other registrars or modify contacts or name servers for your domains in a secure encrypted environment .

2. You will be the owner of the domain. All contact will reside with you. You will have total control over the domain and will be able to modify any details, any time by just logging to our Client Login Section.

3. You get reminders from us when the domain is going to expire so that you can renew well within the required time and save your intellectual property on the net.

4. You can also appoint account managers for your domain, who can modify any details whenever necessary, if in case you are are busy concentrating on core business areas. The account managers so appointed will also login through our Client Login Section and will get separate login interface for themselves, from where they can modify and manage all your domain information.

5. HostRelax™ through its as easy as 123 three step easy signup process offers secure, cost effective domain name registration.

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