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Over 90% of secure Web sites worldwide use Secure Server IDs to authenticate themselves and to enable SSL encryption to protect sensitive data and transactions. HostRelax™ is proud as a partner to offer our customers VeriSign Digital Certificates, Thawte Digital Certificates and Geo-Trust Digital Certificates.

SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) is a protocol which encrypts data between the web browser and server. This is especially important for sites giving their customers make payment via credit card online or doing online shopping cart. Typically a normal website sends all these details in “clear text” (no encryption) and it is possible for a third party to “sniff” these details during transmission. SSL cures this problem by encrypting the information with a key which only only the webserver can decrypt. There are various strengths of keys available.

Digital SSL Certificates IDs enable visitors to verify the site’s authenticity and to communicate with it securely via state-of-the-art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which protects confidential information such as credit card numbers, online forms, and financial data-from interception and hacking. SSL comes in two strengths, 40-bit and 128-bit, which refer to the length of the “session key” generated by every encrypted transaction. The longer the key, the more difficult it is to break the encryption code.

Once digital certificates installed on your web server, a server ID is a digital credential that enables your customer to verify your site authenticity and secured. Server ID’s allows your web presence to provide visitors with the world highest levels of trust. because customers confidential information such as user name and login password and registration information transmitted to you online is protected. Secured URLs can be determined by a padlock () in the bottom left screen of the web browser. Here, visitors can click this to view information about the URL they are viewing.

The SSL server is a shared server meaning that the URL used to access your secured area will always be like the example of URL as shown here . Major vendors such as Verisign, Thawte, GeoTrust etc …

Thawte Digital Certificate

Click Here For More Info On Thawte Digital Certificate

Click Here For More Info On Thawte Digital Certificate Click Here For More Info On Thawte Digital Certificate

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