Personal Email Certificate

A Thawte Personal E-mail Certificate in conjunction with the Thawte Web of Trust allows you to secure and guarantee authorship of your e-mail communications by digitally signing and encrypting your e-mails… absolutely FREE*!

Certificate Features and Benefits:

  • A Thawte Personal E-mail Certificate Account can be used indefinitely at no cost
  • You need only enroll once to obtain multiple certificates
  • Ease of use – you can log in to your certificate account from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view or update your profile/s
  • The unique Thawte Web of Trust (WOT) community where Thawte empowers existing members to become Thawte Notaries, allowing them to certify the identity of other Thawte personal certificate users. Read more on the Thawte Web of Trust

Thawte Personal E-mail Certificate system, in conjunction with the Thawte Web of Trust (WOT), is a tried and tested way to secure all e-mail communications. A simple registration process allows you to enjoy the benefits of Thawte’s Personal Certification System – absolutely FREE.

Is This The Right Product For Me?

Thawte has recognized that all individuals have the right to secure communication. Therefore, the Thawte Personal E-mail Certificate is offered absolutely FREE of charge in order to promote a culture of trust on the Internet.

A Thawte Personal E-mail Certificate:

  • allows you to sign and encrypt all your personal e-mails
  • signs e-mail so that the recipient is able to verify the e-mail address that the message originated from – this inspires trust in those who receive your e-mail communication
  • encrypts e-mail to prevent anyone except the intended recipient(s) from gaining access to the message contents. This assures information privacy and protection while in transit
  • In conjunction with the Thawte Web of Trust, you are able to insert you name into your certificate proving your identity. See Thawte Web of Trust (WOT) for more information

If you are using Windows Vista, click here.

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How do I enroll for a Personal E-mail Certificate?

The process is simple. Fill in the online registration form and get your Personal E-mail Certificate now! Click here

What details will I be able to put into my Personal E-mail Certificate?

Initially, your certificate will contain only your e-mail address. By utilizing the thawte Web of Trust (WOT), you will be able to accumulate trust points over time in order to add your name to your certificate. You can, however, start using your Personal E-mail Certificate right away.

How does the thawte Web of Trust (WOT) work?

The thawte Web of Trust (WOT) is a unique, community-driven certificate authority system, allowing people to validate each other’s identities. Click here to learn more about the thawte Web of Trust (WOT).

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How do I send signed an encrypted email: SO828

How do I retrieve my thawte ID: SO445

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Use Personal Email Certificate with Web-Based mail: SO1082

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